Treble Crochet
Name: Treble Crochet (also known as triple crochet, UK Double Treble Crochet )
Abbreviated as: tr (UK dtr)

The Treble Crochet is not as commonly used as it's relatives the: Single Crochet, Half Double Crochet and Double Crochet, but it's still a useful stitch to know.
The treble stitch is an extremely tall stitch, meaning that when worked up as a fabric it creates a very loose, holey fabric.

Take a look at the video below as we show you how to make the rather lanky Treble Crochet.


Extra Information

This diagram shows you how to make the swatch from the video:

Here's the written pattern, so you can to follow along and make the swatch from the video:  

Chain 10 + 3 = 13 chains.
Round 1: tr into 5th chain from hook and into each chain across. (10 sts)
Round 2: ch 4 (counts as 1 treble crochet), tr into next stitch and each stitch across. (10 sts)
Repeat round 2 until you're happy with the length! Happy "Trebling"!

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