Solid Granny Square Blanket 21.10.2012

This post has been dusted off and taken straight out of the "According to Matt Archives". I originally posted this content on my old blog "Crochet & Crafts According To Matt". I thought that it was a shame for creativity and inspiration to lay dormant, so I'm recycling the content from my old blog, keeping it available for you all to read, reference and use as you please.

Solid Granny Square Blanket

As far as the lifespan of a ball of yarn goes, this Stylecraft has gotten off to a busy start!
When I bought this back in May, I was super excited to be embarking on another bright and glorious yarn fuelled journey. This Stylecraft was going to be the ingredients for a sunny and beautiful "Granny Stripe" that planned on making for a friend at work.

Dani (my friend and work colleague) had seen pictures of the other blankets I had made and (ever so nicely) asked if I would make her one. She wanted something bright and fun (like her personality), but didn't mind what it was. I decided upon a "Granny Stripe" as they are nice and simple to make and the end results are simply stunning.
Dani had said that there was no rush for her blanket to be completed, so I decided to make it a side line project. A project that I would work on gradually, whilst also working on other projects.
I decided upon a stripe a day.

I was pretty busy with rehearsals at work and also going to German school, so one stripe a day was easily do-able.
I got cracking with the project and was doing my best at being random with my colour selections. I was loving the results!! It was so happy looking and I was extremely pleased with how it was progressing.

Things got a little hectic at work and I fell behind on my "stripe a day" and for a short while the blanket ceased to grow.
When I finally got around to continuing with the blanket I found that my motivation had dwindled. I just wasn't feeling the "Granny Stripe", not to mention, I had been totally inspired by some "Granny Square" blankets I had seen whilst browsing the internet.
(Sandra's blanket, Little Tin Bird's Elmer Squares)
I decided to pull the "Granny Stripe" apart and give making a solid "Granny Square" blanket a whirl.
It was so nice to make these little squares, so simple and quick, not to mention easy to join together.

My "Granny Square" blanket was a constant presence at work and at home. Always in the background waiting to grow.

I was using 16 different colours and making it totally random. It's probably the first time I've been totally random with a project. Usually I end up with a little planning, no matter how random I intend on being. But this time I succeeded with being totally spontaneous.

The blanket seemed to grow at an extremely fast rate. I would keep a small stash of colours and a hook in my rucksack. It was so easy to quickly pull out my mini stash and make another square.

I was always surprised at how different the colours worked next to one another. Sometimes the blanket looked very blue and other times very pink. The only thing that I did plan, was to ensure that every colour was used in equal quantities. I didn't want one colour to overwhelm the blanket.

Two months after beginning, my blanket was finished!!!! TAAAAA DAAAAAAH!!!!!!

I am so completely chuffed with how it turned out!

It has so many different colours and seems to complement many things very well.

You've probably noticed I added a border. Just a simple one but it definitely does the trick.

A multicoloured blanket of happiness!

It looks very at home lying on my bed and making friends with my nice big "Blooming Flower Pillow". As you can see, its pretty large. 560 squares in total, 20 X 28. It should be big enough :-)

It's been such a pleasure to make. Really it has!
I'll let you in on a secret........I've seriously considered keeping this for myself! EEEEEK! I know that's terrible, but I'm truly in love with it. I also know that Dani will love it, and she is lovely!
I guess I'll just have to get cracking on another one for myself!!!
I just have a few more ends to sew in and then I'll have to say goodbye :-) It's really going to be tuff parting with it, but I'll enjoy it for the final few days that I have it!

This post was originally posted on 21st October 2012.
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  1. Hi Matt: This is so beautiful and so so creative. Do you have a list of the colors you used bu any chance that you could share? Thanks much.

    1. In this blog post he speaks about the yarn, it's Stylecraft Special DK, as someone already mentioned in the comments below.

  2. this blanket is beautiful!!

  3. Your blanket is beautiful will definitely have to try and make it!!

  4. Beautiful blanket! Planing on making it for my mother in law, for her 50th birthday. But just to make things a bit easier for me,I must ask the same question as D'Lando; do you have a list of the color you used?

  5. Re the colours - I think it's these ones. This is what I ordered anyway, and they look right :);111175;6453&gclid=Cj0KEQjw-Mm6BRDTpaLgj6K04KsBEiQA5f20EwD3mptTXr6vBGUFn6hCiPYQhH6PvEGlNbIMLVzdHpwaAtek8P8HAQ

  6. How are the squares joined together? I haven't found a way to invisibly join differently colored squares yet...

    1. Hello Joyce! The squares were joined using the "Join As You Go" method! Have a look on Google or YouTube for this method, it's really easy to do!!!! xx

  7. Okay I am fairly new to crocheting and so far only follow written patterns/directions. Are there any written instruction for this beautiful blanket??

  8. So incredibly cheerful! Beautiful blanket. Do you have a list of colors Matt? It's hard to match up with a phone pic. Would love to try one on my own!

  9. Can you provide your pattern for the border?

  10. I absolutely love, love, love your blanket!!!! I am working on some granny squares now and wasn't exactly sure what I would do with them. I now know so thank you tremendously for your post and i will surely credit you for the design even if mime is a little different. I want to do multiple types of granny squares, some with flowers, some with owls and other cutesy animals and of course the normal everyday granny square. I wil be sure to show you my finished work as well. Thank you for your blog and your amazing creativity!!

  11. Hi I am new to this site. Where can I get this pattern?