Spiral Cushion

This very simple yet sunny pattern is made by crocheting a flat circle in the round, with added slip stitch detailing. It’s a perfect weekend project that will brighten up any space!


Yarn, Scissors, Stitch marker, Crochet hooks, Beads, Darning needle, Round cushion


ch: Chain
sl st: Slip Stitch
sc: Single crochet (UK double crochet)
hdc: Half double crochet (UK half treble crochet)

From now on, all crochet stitch abbreviations are written in US terminology.

Yarn & Hook

Any type of yarn can be used for this project, along with the yarn manufacturers recommendation of hook size. This project works best if you use two different shades of yarn that contrast with one another. I've used Cottonell by Wölle Rödel. It’s a dk weight cotton that comes in some fabulous shades. Creative cotton would also work great for this project. As recommended on the label of the yarn, I’ve used a 4mm crochet hook.

Cushion insert

I found that buying a circular cushion insert from the shops was a little tricky. They really are not as common as you may think.
I had to turn to buying a circular insert online. I went for a small insert with a diameter of 40cm, although the pattern can be adapted to fit any sized round cushion insert.
I bought mine from eBay and found that a quick search for “round cushion inserts” will give you a few options.
Alternatively you can order round cushion inserts online from some of the following shops:

The Pattern

The main cushion body is worked in a continuous round. Make sure to use a stitch marker to indicate the start & end to each round.
Round 1: Into a Magic Loop, 10 hdc (10 stitches).
Round 2: 2 hdc into each of the 10 stitches from the previous round. (20 stitches).
Round 3: *2 hdc in next stitch, 1 hdc in the next stitch* Repeat between * and * 9 more times.
Round 4: *2 hdc in next stitch, 1 hdc into the next 2 stitches.* repeat between * and * 9 more times.
Round 5: *2 hdc in next stitch, 1 hdc into the next 3 stitches.* repeat between * and * 9 more times.
Round 6: *2 hdc in next stitch, 1 hdc into the next 4 stitches.* repeat between * and * 9 more times.
Round 7: *2 hdc in next stitch, 1 hdc into the next 5 stitches.* repeat between * and * 9 more times.

As you can see by looking at the instructions for the previous rounds, once you have completed the “2 hdc in next stitch” the number of hdc’s into the following stitches always increases by 1 for each round. I've highlighted this number in red so you can see the number and pattern that I'm talking about.

Round 8: *2 hdc in next stitch, 1 hdc into the next 6 stitches.* repeat between * and * 9 more times. Continue working further rounds with this same pattern until your circle is the same diameter as your round cushion.

Once you are satisfied that your circle is the correct size to fit to your cushion insert (picture A), go ahead and finish off your circle:
Complete the round that you are working on, then to finish off: sc in the next 4 stitches, sl st in the next 4 stitches. Fasten off.
That’s your first circle complete! Go ahead and make another one, so that you have two completed circles. One will be the bottom of your cushion and the other the top.

Slip Stitch Spiral Detail

For this part of your cushion, change to a larger hook size. I used a 4mm hook for the main cushion body and have moved up a whole hook size to a 5mm for the spiralling detail.
You will notice as you start to slip stitch into your work, that the slip stitches become tight and your work will start to warp.
Moving up a hook size will help your stitches to be a little looser and your work shouldn’t warp as severely. For the spiraling detail: turn your circle over so that the tail end of the magic loop is facing you. Go ahead and tie your 2nd colour of yarn to the tail of the magic loop. (Picture B)

Flip the circle so that the right side of your circle is facing you. From now on you are going to be working through the holes that spiral around your crocheted circle. (Picture C).

Place your hook through the centre hole of your crocheted circle. (Picture D)

Pull your new yarn through the centre of your crocheted circle, so that you have one loop on your hook. (Picture E)

Go ahead and place your hook through the first spiral hole and pull another loop of yarn through. You should now have two loops on your hook. (Picture F)

Pull the loop that you just created through the first loop, creating a slip stitch. (Picture G)

Keep making slip stitches until you run out of holes to slip stitch into. Once you get to the last round of your crocheted circle, sl st into each of the hdc’s that form the outside of your circle. Go ahead and fasten off. Repeat the sl st spiral detailing on your 2nd crochet circle, fasten off and sew in any ends.

Blocking Your work

As mentioned earlier, adding the spiral slip stitch detailing will make your circles warp. Giving your circles a quick steam iron will help to flatten them out.
(WARNING!!! be carful if you are using acrylic products that you do not melt your work. It’s best to place a tea towel over the top of your project when you are steaming)

Joining your cushion & adding beaded decoration

Place both circles on top of each other (with the slip stitch sides facing outwards). Using the same colour yarn as used for the slip stitches, sc into the outside round of both of the circles, joining the two circles together. (Picture H)

Why not add some (optional) beads to the outside round of your cushion? To do this pull the loop on your hook so it is nice and large. This gives you a little more yarn to work with. (Picture I)

Remove your hook from the enlarged loop that you’ve created and thread a bead onto the loop. (Use a small crochet hook to help you do this or even a thin darning needle) (Picture J)

Once the bead has been threaded with the enlarged loop, transfer back to your regular cro- chet hook, pull the loop tight around your hook and continue to sc around the circumference of your circles. (Picture K)

Add beads whenever you feel, trying to keep the spacing between the beads even, for a neat and professinal finish. Remember to place your cushion insert between the two circles before you completely single crochet them together (Picture L)

Continue to bead and slip stitch all of the way around the two crocheted circles, closing up the gap and and completing your spiral cushion. Fasten off and sew in any remaining ends.