Something Fishy Going On 11.04.2013

This post has been dusted off and taken straight out of the "According to Matt Archives". I originally posted this content on my old blog "Crochet & Crafts According To Matt". I thought that it was a shame for creativity and inspiration to lay dormant, so I'm recycling the content from my old blog, keeping it available for you all to read, reference and use as you please.

Something Fishy Going On

How are you all? Gosh it's been such a long time since I caught up with you all!
I'm doing great, thanks for asking!
I mentioned a few weeks ago that I had been offered a new position at work. I've been busy finding my feet and learning the ropes to my new job.
Things have been pretty busy to say the least. At times I've been stressed, tired and a little overwhelmed by it all. However, above all I've been excited and I'm having the most challenging but rewarding time.
I haven't had a huge amount of spare time, which is a shame. So crafting has had to take a back seat. It's just a phase though and I'll have more time for my hobbies in a month or so.
Even though time has been limited, I've still needed my quick fix of creative crocheted loveliness. And so I found myself working up a cute and extremely fun project on Monday, my day off from work.
This project was a quick creative fix and combined all of the things I love about home crafting. Recycling, imagination and humour.
This project started off as a big glass jar I found by the recycling bins down the road. I washed it out and scrubbed off the label.

I added some ice lolly sticks to the equation. These were lurking in my craft drawer.

some lovely vibrant sand

My favourite crochet hook, gardening wire and buttons for eyes!

Finally I raided the craft box for my stash of colourful embroidery floss.

I chopped up the lolly pop sticks and glued them together with the help of my trusty glue gun.

A lick of paint, and a splash of humour!

A sign ready to warn off any pesky fishermen!

Where am I going to put the sign? Next to the pond, of course! Just next to the thick green weeds that grow out of the deep blue waters.

Oh what's that?

A bright and cheery gold fish has popped by to say hello! Oh he is a nosey little fish, swimming around the sign and splashing around my blog.

Well I'm certainly not going to take any notice of this sign when this little fish is about! Here I come with my fishing net.........Got him!

My new pet! Happy as can be in his spacious jar! He loves swimming around in circles and splashing around in the fresh water!
I think I'll call him Sammy....he looks like a Sammy.
This was a simple little project made using the Fancy Goldfish Amigurumi pattern by Kate Wood. A fun little "evening" project.
Oh I did enjoy that!!!
Hope you're all doing spiffingly!?!

This post was originally posted on 11th April 2013.
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