Scheepjes...and me

At the start of 2018 I joined a team of magnificent creatives who love all things yarny....The Scheepjes Bloggers Group.
With this collaboration in place and one that I hope to be involved with for many years to come, I thought it would be nice to share a little about the company.
Below you'll find a little history about Scheepjes as a company, info about how I got involved with Scheepjes and what it means to be part of the amazing Scheepjes Bloggers Group.

Scheepjes...A History

One thing that I was surprised to learn about Scheepjes was just how far back the company goes, it's really quite amazing.
I thought I'd take you back to school and give a brief history lesson....You can call me "Professor", I don't mind.


Dirk Steven Van Schuppen (along with thirteen helpers) was working as a wool comber in Veenendaal. Farmers would bring untreated wool to Dirk, who bought the wool and had it processed by combers and cleaners. The wool was then spun by local women, after which it was returned to Dirk's company to be dyed and woven.


Dirks company grew steadily over the years and by 1885, it was employing over 300 workers.
However, it was in 1855 after Dirk's death, that the company was taken over by Dirk's widow and his seventeen year old son and the company was renamed "Widow D.S Van Schuppen and Son.


Over the years the company transitioned from cottage industry into a main sector of industry. By the 1930's, despite the global economic crisis, the company continued to expand. Investing in new production buildings, warehouses and offices. It was around this time that the company introduced the name of "Scheepjeswol".


The company continued to grow steadily after World War II and at the companies 150th anniversary, in 1949, it received a royal warrant.


At the company's height in 1962, it was employing over 900 employees, the company had successfully expanded and modernised during the 15 years following WWII.
This promising growth rapidly changed and by the end of the 1960's wages in The Netherlands had increased, 5 day working weeks were introduced which resulted in a decrease in production.


Things were going downhill for the company. Cheaper products from outside of Europe and a shrinking market led to the bankruptcy of Scheepjeswol in 1988. A year later the buildings on the factory site were torn down.
190 years of wool production was at an least for now.


22 years later a family owned business, De Bondts, a haberdashery wholesaler took over the Scheepjes brand name and gave it a whole new lease of life. The famous Dutch brand was reinvented and Scheepjes as we know it today was reborn!

Isn't that interesting to hear where and how the company developed and how they found a way to get back on track to once again produce tons of gorgeous products, from yarn to books!

Scheepjes...Bloggers Group

So what about the bloggers group? Well the Scheepjes bloggers group is a group of very ambitious and talented bloggers that have united with Scheepjes to work together on building and developing the individual creativity of the bloggers, as well as that of the company.
The bloggers are not employed by Scheepjes, but instead continue to work on their individual blogs with support and guidance from the Scheepjes team. So far the bloggers consist of this lovely bunch of ladies (plus me), all of which are outstanding in their own rights! You can click on the links below to go visit their blogs, I'm sure you'll like what you find!

Then to end it all there's the lady that looks after all of us bloggers: Simy from Simys Studio, she's a gem!

The bloggers produce some lovely work with the Scheepjes products....I mean check this out for eye candy!!!

Scheepjes...And me

So now that I've joined the Scheepjes Bloggers group what does that mean for me?
Well truth is I carry on with my blog just as I was doing, the difference is I'm being supported by a group of people that nurture and encourage my crafty endeavours.
I'm getting to know the other bloggers from day to day and with that I'm building not only a network with some extraordinary fellow crafters, but a friendship with a group of people that share the same passion as me.
Our joint passion Is supported by Scheepjes and we are all encouraged to develop and expand in the areas that we are best suited. Not only do we get to grow as an artist but we also get to do it whist playing and exploring some pretty fantastic Scheepjes products.

Well I hope that answers a few questions about Scheepjes and the bloggers group! You can find more info about the bloggers group by visiting the Bloggers page on the Scheepjes website or you can drop me a little line (via my contact page) and we can have a little natter about the group!