Point Made

Want to make a point? Go ahead and make one!

In the past I’ve made lots of triangular scarfs, but sometimes they just don’t cut it when you really need all the warmth to focus around your neck! But to just crochet a long plain scarf?

I wanted to ‘make a point’ that long scarfs can be stylish and awesome as well! Now since square is just square, I decided to go with a pointy shape for this scarf! A faux border really gives the finishing touch to this design.

The pattern is easy to customise for any type of yarn! I'd suggest using Worsted Weight, Chunky or Bulky weight yarn for extra warmth and a fast result ;-)

You won’t just get a beautifully laid out PDF pattern, but also a link to a VIDEO TUTORIAL, which is exclusive to you and other buyers! In a 47 (!!!) minute tuturial, I take you through all the steps to make this scarf, you won’t even need to read the written pattern if you watch the video!

I think it’s a very unisex design, which can look beautiful in all possible colours, or even stripy!

Happy hooking!