Patchwork Granny Square 25.11.2012

This post has been dusted off and taken straight out of the "According to Matt Archives". I originally posted this content on my old blog "Crochet & Crafts According To Matt". I thought that it was a shame for creativity and inspiration to lay dormant, so I'm recycling the content from my old blog, keeping it available for you all to read, reference and use as you please.

Patchwork Granny Square

I brought my laptop to work so I could write a quick post between shows.
Its been a little while again since I had a catch up with you all. So yes that's right... I'm sat at my dressing room table with my monkey make-up on, writing about my latest project :-)
Those of you that join me on Facebook, will know that I recently ordered myself some more Stylecraft DK from Masons. I couldn't resist!! After finishing and struggling to give away my Solid Granny Square Blanket I had made for a friend, I knew that I had to order more wool and make myself a similar blanket.
I picked most of the colours from the 'Stylecraft colour pack' and added a few extra colours to my order. My bundle of yarn was delivered to the theatre last Monday so I've been playing around with that in my free time!

I ordered myself 31 colours in total and made use of a discount code I had received from my last purchase. I was so excited to take the parcel home and have a look at 31 different shades of scrumptiousness. I loved the variety of colours I had! There were a couple of surprises though, some colours were not exactly the same as advertised on the website.
I found a couple of choices a little too bright, almost florescent looking!! These "flourescent" colours have been locked away in my yarn box for another project. Here are the colours I finally settled on for my blanket:

Here are the colour name and codes in the order they appear above for those of you that wandered :-)
1123-Claret, 1246-Lipstick, 1083-Pomegranite, 1132-Shrimp, 1114-Sunshine, 1081-Safron, 1263-Citron, 1065-Meadow, 1116-Green, 1062-Teal, 1422-Aspen, 1068-Turquoise, 1302-Denim, 1003-Aster, 1019-Cloud Blue, 1034-Sherbet, 1082-Bluebell, 1188-Lavender, 1067-Grape, 1432-Wisteria, 1390-Clematis, 1080-Pale Rose, 1241- Fondant, 1023-Raspberry, 1061-Plum, 1084-Magenta, 1435-Bright Pink.
I'm really happy with how the colours look grouped together! A little more yellow than I would normally go for, but I'm going to stick with it and see how the blanket progresses.
I've been making squares at work, when I'm not on stage. I've already made quite a few!!

I carry a ball of yarn, hook and scissors around with me and try making a quick square when I can.
I make sure not to complete the total last round of the square, or sew in the ends. I do this so I can join the last round properly to another square once I am at home. It probably sounds like a bit of a long winded way, but this way means I can make squares without carrying much yarn. It also means I'm still be able to use the 'join as you go' method, rather than having to sew tons of squares.
I've only been making this for just under a week and have already got half of my squares made! It really is growing fast!!

I've also started with the joining of the actual blanket, that is also coming along nicely!!!

Already loving it!!! I can't wait to have it finished. To have it to snuggle up in as winter takes over and Hamburg gets colder!! As always I'll keep you posted with my progress! Hope you are all having a lovely Sunday?!

This post was originally posted on 25th November 2012.
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  1. What color did you use to put the squares together?

    1. The squares were joined using the "Join as you go" method, which means there is no extra yarn used to join the squares. They are joined whilst finished the last round of each individual square. You can look it up on google or youtube, to find out more how the Join As You Go method works! :-)