Hoop flower

These cute little flowers are quick and easy to make. They are perfect as embellishments for your projects or as stand alone ornaments.


Plastic Crochet Rings (26mm), Crochet Hook (4mm), Aran Weight Yarn, Scissors, Darning Needle, Buttons (optional), Glue Gun (optional)


ch: Chain
sl st: Slip Stitch
sc: Single crochet (UK double crochet)
hdc: Half double crochet (UK half treble crochet)

From now on, all crochet stitch abbreviations are written in US terminology.

The Pattern

Start with a slip knot on your hook.
Round 1: *Insert your hook through the centre of your plastic ring. (Picture A)
Yarn over hook and pull a loop back through the plastic ring. (Picture B)
You should now have two loops on your hook.
Yarn over and pull through both loops on your hook to create a single crochet (sc)* (Picture C & D)
Repeat between * and * 20 more times. You should have a total of 21 sc stitches going around the circumference of your plastic ring.

Round 2: In this round we are going to work through the sc stitches from the previous round.
*sl st into the first stitch (that’s the first sc of the previous round) (Picture E)
5 hdc into the next stitch. (Picture F)
sl st into the next stitch.* (Picture G)
Repeat between * and * 6 more times. You should have a total of 7 petals on your flower. Fasten off and sew in the ends.

Adding Buttons

These little flower look cute just as they are! If you fancy adding a little extra flair, why not add some contrasting buttons?
Thread your button with the same colour of yarn as the flower.
Place your flower onto a non stick surface (such as a smooth plastic chopping board)
Fill the centre of your flower with a blob of hot glue and place the threaded button onto the glue.
Leave to cool and set.
Once cool, pull the flower free from the plastic chopping board. Your flower is all finished!