Granny Square Blanket...The Sequel 07.01.2013

This post has been dusted off and taken straight out of the "According to Matt Archives". I originally posted this content on my old blog "Crochet & Crafts According To Matt". I thought that it was a shame for creativity and inspiration to lay dormant, so I'm recycling the content from my old blog, keeping it available for you all to read, reference and use as you please.

Granny Square Blanket...The Sequel

Good evening lovely people! How are you all doing? I'm having having a nice night in at home, spending some quality time on my blog. I'm hoping to finally get around to updating my facebook page and replying to some comments!! But first I have a little something to share with you all. Remember back in October I finished a very special granny square blanket for a friend of mine.

I was in love with this blanket and really found it very hard to part with, I had to start one of my own immediately! I wasted no time in ordering myself a new supply of Stylecraft. This time I didn't stick to the 17 colours from the "Stylecraft colour pack" but ordered myself an extra selection of colours to add to the colour pack. I had 27 colours in total to play around with.

Now I was taking a bit of a gamble with the colours, as I wasn't really sure what the over all feel of the blanket was going to turn out like. I was very much enjoying working with different colours and was especially loving the more muted tones like denim, teal and grape.
I got cracking with my granny squares and made them whenever possible. My initial plan was to make all of the squares individually and sew them together at the end.

However, after becoming a little daunted by the prospect of sewing together so many squares, I decided to use the "join as you go method" to join my squares.

Normally I wouldn't make all of my squares before joining, it kind of defeats the "joining as you go" idea. However, I decided to make all of my squares first, purely out of personal convenience. I worked a lot on this blanket in between my shows at work. So I found it much easier to make 25 squares in the same colour, this way I only had to take one ball/colour of yarn to work.
Within a few weeks all 675 squares were finished (I made 25 squares in each of the 27 colours)!

NOW THE EXCITING PART!! I began to join my blanket!

I was amazed at how different this blanket was looking if I compared it to my previous one. It feels deeper and darker compared to the last. You can see in the pictures below just how different the overall colour is. The picture on the left is my last blanket and the one on the right my current one.


I've had a little niggling feeling when I compare the blankets as I feel like I prefer the one that I gave away. I had moments when I almost decided not to finish my current one. I'm so glad I pushed through that phase though. As adding a border to it made me see it in a different light.
Here it is in it's full state of granny square greatness!!! (A little tricky trying to get it in one shot!)

Here's what I did with the border:

It's a little darker and maybe a tad moodier than my last blanket, but I think I'm liking that now. It just took me a little second to realise that it is a different blanket and so I'm aloud to feel differently about it.
It does look quite at home spread out across our bed!

This blanket was by far the quickest I've done. It took just six weeks to complete. I think it came down to pure determination and being very organised and strict with my blanket making regime! I'm so happy I still have some cold winter months to get some use out of MY granny square blanket. That's right.....I'm keeping this one!!!

This post was originally posted on 7th January 2013.
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  1. I loved this blanket :) I want to make one as a bed cover. 6 weeks seems a lot, though.

  2. did you use join as you go method?

  3. I love it, thanks for posting can't wait to get started.

  4. I love this blanket and it is my inspiration for my current project. Thank you!

  5. Love your blanket, can it be done as just one granny square instead of lots of small ones? Thanks very much