Glorious Granny Greatness 09.03.2012

This post has been dusted off and taken straight out of the "According to Matt Archives". I originally posted this content on my old blog "Crochet & Crafts According To Matt". I thought that it was a shame for creativity and inspiration to lay dormant, so I'm recycling the content from my old blog, keeping it available for you all to read, reference and use as you please.

Glorious Granny Greatness

After many hours, dozens of colour changes and hundreds of ends to sew in, I've finally finished my latest granny square blanket!!!! I've got to tell you, I'm sooooooo very very proud of it!!!
I began this project back in December. It started when I received eight bright and beautiful cones of scrummy yarn, as Christmas present from Dennis.

I couldn't have asked for a better Christmas present! Gorgeous Merino wool and an endless amount of possible things I could make.
After browsing through Ravelry, I finally settled on what I was going to make with my lovely yarn. I decided upon another 'Summer Garden Granny Square' blanket using the pattern by Lucy at Attic 24. I had made one of these as my first project. I thought it would be nice to revisit the 'Granny Square' and see what I came up with this time around.
Christmas Day evening I got down to making my first batch of squares!

I made each square consist of three rounds, with three colour changes. I had decided that the fourth round (which I would do later) would be crocheted using the same colour for each square.
I tried my best to make each square different from the previous ones. Hopefully making it so that every square in my blanket was unique in its colours.
This was the first project in which I have been extremely strict with myself. I told myself that I had to sew in the ends as I went along. I didn't want this to be a project that never got finished! I knew that if I didn't sew the ends in as I went along, I would never get around to sewing them in.
So each time I completed a square, I would pop it in my little brown box. I would keep the little brown box of squares in my bag. Every time I had a free moment alone, I would sew in the ends and then take them home to put in a bigger box of "finished squares".

I worked very hard on my squares and before I new it I had a mountain of them sprouting about the apartment.

Once I had made a substantial amount of squares, I spread them on the floor to figure out how big I wanted to make the blanket. I settled upon 16 squares by 22 squares, 352 in total.

After getting a little bored of making the same three rounds, I decided to buy my connecting colour of yarn and start the exciting process of joining the squares. I settled upon white yarn as it matched the theme of the bedroom and I was planning on keeping this blanket on the bed.

In order to start joining my squares, I had to have 32 completed (2 rows of 16 squares). I got cracking with my white fourth round!

Once I had finished my first 32 squares, I joined them with single crochet stitches. I wanted to join them this way so that it would make a ridged effect on the blanket. In order to get this effect I had to join the blanket vertically before it could be joined horizontally.

I loved joining the squares! It really gave me a sense what I was making and achieving. I was no longer making 'Granny Squares', I was making a blanket!
Every time I finished 16 squares I would join another row to the blanket. Over the course of a couple of months I finished my 22 rows of 16 squares.
I was finished with my square making!!!! WOOOOOOOP!!
This meant that I could join the squares horizontally and close up the big holes in my blanket.

Do you see how joining with single crochets vertically and then horizontally made each square have a ridged border? I'm so happy with how this effect turned out!
Once The blanket was fully joined I got down to sewing in any last ends. I must admit, I had become a little slack during the end of my blanket making and I still had A LOT of ends to sew in:

I got on with end sewing and can honestly say that every last end has now been sewn in!!! I'll even prove it :-) Here's the back side of my blanket:

I had finished with my end sewing it was time for the finishing touch of a border.
I bordered the blanket by doing clusters of three dc into the holes of the outside Granny Squares. Then a round of half double crochet into the stitches of the previous round. Finally I finished it off with a border also by Lucy of Attic 24.

I am tremendously happy with the border and think that it finishes of the blanket perfectly. It's cute and simple and a nice contrast to the multicoloured main section of the blanket.
So there we have it! 9 weeks later and I'm done with what has to have been my favourite of all my crochet projects!! Are you ready to see it in all of its complete loveliness? It was a little tricky to get it all in the frame, but I did my best!

I am quite simply in love with the outcome!!

Lying on the bed, so bright and cheery. It compliments our room nicely.

Its the most rewarding feeling having your creation snuggled up around you! Giving warmth from the luxury of the thick wool and the heat of the bright sunny colours!!

I'm definitely chuffed to bits with my blanket! These Granny Squares have certainly made me a very HAPPY CHAPPY!!! PROUD PROUD PROUD PROUD!!!!
I think I may need some matching pillows with the left over yarn?!! :-)

This post was originally posted on 9th March 2012.
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  1. What kind of yarn did you use?

    1. Hello! The yarn is from a German "wool factory" where you decide yourself which thickness you want. It's a local factory here in Hamburg!