Doggy Poop Bag Dispenser

Besides it's obviously practical purpose, this bag dispenser is a fun and stylish addition to your dog walking experience!


These dispensers are made out of durable materials: oil cloth and cotton!
They're lined with the same cotton that's used on the back, and there's no raw edges on the inside.
The carabiner makes it super easy to attach to your line, your belt loop, or anywhere else you wanna hook it on to!
Zipper at the back to refill!


The pattern is jam-packed with photos and instructions! Also you'll find a printable template with all the pattern pieces on it!


Will fit most sizes of store bought dog waste bag rolls. The dispenser will come with a bag pre-installed (color of waste bags can vary).
Dimensions are around 14.5 by 6 cm at it's widest and longest points.

Refilling is super easy! Open the zip, guide the beginning of the new roll through the metal grommet, place the roll inside, zip up again, and you're ready to "roll". Make sure to pull the bag out far enough past the bag you're about to use so you don't lose the beginning of the next bag!
You just made cleaning up after your dog that much more FUN!


€ 2,95