Creative Christmas: Crocheted Christmas Wreath 07.12.2012

This post has been dusted off and taken straight out of the "According to Matt Archives". I originally posted this content on my old blog "Crochet & Crafts According To Matt". I thought that it was a shame for creativity and inspiration to lay dormant, so I'm recycling the content from my old blog, keeping it available for you all to read, reference and use as you please.

Creative Christmas: Crocheted Christmas Wreath

Christmas is well and truly on it's way, and it comes in the form of a sudden downfall of snow here in Hamburg. BRRRRRRRR it is chilly!!! Thank God I've been wrapped up nice and warm at home working on another 'Creative Christmas' project! This time my project takes the form of a happy Christmassy wreath!
Last month for my Birthday my fabulous friends bought me an assortment of craft supplies to use as I pleased. Amongst these supplies was a straw wreath, ready to be decorated. I've been working on it at a nice leisurely pace over the past few weeks.

I started by crocheting a stripy sleeve for my wreath. I made it out of an assortment of green "Rico creative cotton".

I wrapped it around my wreath and sewed it together on the underside of the wreath.

A stripey green hoop! Nothing too festive though :-( I think it could do with some decorations! :-)

A cute crocheted rose by June Gilbank.

and once again some Jolly Holly by Lucy at Attic24, In a variety of bright and happy colours!

I carefully arranged my decorations on my wreath and once I was happy with the positioning, I secured them with a good helping of glue.

Finally I made some lovely crocheted stars using a pattern that Dennis had made up. (yes...that's right Dennis is back in town and we've been hanging out. He wants to say a big "HELLO" to you all and hopes you are all doing well!?). Dennis very kindly let me share his pattern with you all. You can find this amazing tutorial for " Simple Crocheted Stars" here on my blog or as a PDF, ready for free Ravelry download!

I added some beads and bells to my crocheted star and added it to my wreath.

Finally some more beads and string to hang my wreath up with. This is what I came up with!

Sure the bright colours are not traditionally Christmassy, but the happiness and cheerfulness couldn't be more Christmassy to me!

AAAAH Creative Christmassy Bliss!!! Until next time!

This post was originally posted on 7th December 2012.
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