And The Winner Is...18.02.2013

This post has been dusted off and taken straight out of the "According to Matt Archives". I originally posted this content on my old blog "Crochet & Crafts According To Matt". I thought that it was a shame for creativity and inspiration to lay dormant, so I'm recycling the content from my old blog, keeping it available for you all to read, reference and use as you please.

And the Winner is...

I've got to say, that was a lot of fun having a little competition here on the blog!
Many of you were very keen to get your hands on this lovely set of crochet hooks!

I can't say I blame you! I just wish I could send each and everyone of you a set. Then again, that would be a little too easy and there would be no fun in having a competition.
I was swamped with guesses as to how many beads I had in my jar. Some people were very close with their guesses, others were way off the mark! :-)
Shall I put you out of your misery and tell you how many beads were in the jam jar?

A couple of people actually guessed the correct amount, so clever! However, the FIRST person to guess the correct amount was the lovely Juniperjune from Long Beach California!!!
I'm quite excited by the fact these hooks will be making such a big journey!
Well done to everybody who entered and of course to our lovely sponsors at for generously donating the hooks!

I really enjoyed that! We will have to have another giveaway sometime soon :-)
I'll be back in a few days with something yummy to share, see you soon!

This post was originally posted on 18th February 2013.
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