Advert & Affiliate Information

Hello Lovelies!
As I spend more time developing my blog to it's full potential, I have started to explore ways that I can earn some pocket money from the content that I create. I felt that this was an opportunity that I wanted to explore. A way to help towards the funding of the yarn and craft goods that I use to create my patterns and posts with.

I've put this page together to explain about the affiliate links and products that I receive for my posts. Just as a way of being clear to you as you read through my blog posts.


As of yet there are no adverts on my blog. Very simply because; I can't stand scrolling through adverts whilst I'm trying to read a post or follow a pattern. I'm guessing that most of you guys will feel the same?!
The clean and bright appearance of A Boy & Bunting, is something that I am very proud of and I intend to keep it that way!.... No ads for me, No siree!

Reviews of Products & Books

Book and Product reviews are something that I am starting to focus a lot more on. Most of the products/books for the reviews I have purchased myself and are therefore products that I genuinely use.

I am occasionally sent products from companies or independent artists in return for an appearance on my blog and review. If it is not a product of good quality and of some genuine interest to me as a crafter I simply won't oblige in the review.
The products that I do review on my blog are always done so in a well rounded and objective manner, expressing my point of view, whether that be good or bad. An honest opinion and review is something that I feel fellow crafters are going to benefit most from and so I never plug a product just for the sake of it.

Being a member of the Scheepjes Bloggers Group means that I will sometimes be sent Scheepjes products to use in my patterns or to review, these are gifted to me from Scheepjes and will appear in their promotions and as free patterns on their Bloggers Inspirations page.
Whether from Scheepjes or an independent store, my motto is always: Good product = Good review (of course that also works the other way round).

Affiliate Links

Some of my blog posts contain affiliate links. Links that will take you to the website where you can purchase the product I am featuring within my post.

When a purchase is made from the link supplied on my blog, I generate a small commission from the purchase you've made. This comes at no extra cost to you as the customer, but allows me to continue to create quality post and patterns for my blog.
The affiliate links that are supplied on my blog link to the following companies:

As well as the above stores, A Boy & Bunting is also a member of the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program. This is an affiliate programme that allows me to generate fees by linking to, again this comes at no extra cost to you as the customer clicking on these links.

I hope this all makes sense? Any questions about the products featured within my blog, my policies or affiliate information, please do not hesitate to get in contact.