The Artist's Way - Read Along

Hello fellow creatives!
How are you all doing?

Those of you that follow me over on Instagram may have seen one of my recent stories where I spoke about a book that I was recently gifted, The Artist's way by Julia Cameron.

It's a book written with the sole purpose of helping the reader to develop and focus their creativity, something (quite frankly) we could all do with.
I'm going to read the book soon and wandered if you guys would like to join me? A sort of book club kind of thing.

The book is rather hands on book.
From having a quick glance, there is not too much to read, but each week you are given focusses and tasks that you have to complete.

It looks really interesting, but of course is a little commitment. A commitment that I'm sure if I go it alone I will not see through to the end.

So why don't you come and join me?

The book is split into 12 chapters, so a chapter per week. That means that if we start it within the next weeks it'll take us up to the end of October. I must say, the timeframe seems pretty daunting and so all the more reason for us to support one another and go on this creative development journey together. We can talk about how were getting on, support and encourage each other.
Come on!!!! So who's up for it?

The Plan

I've been giving it a little thought and I figured the best way to do this read along is to use this page as a simple breakdown of the book and our time frame. This section will be updated each week with the tasks that we need to achieve from the specific chapter we are working on. This way we have a quick reference and can stay on track for the full duration of the book.

I"ve set up a group on facebook, so If you are up for joining the read along come and join the facebook group. We can use it as a platform to discuss our progress, support each other and motivate each other to keep on track with the tasks.
(click here to go to the facebook group)

Those of you that want to join in but don't yet have a copy of the book....there's still time!!! Here's how and when we are starting, along with the time frame and the plan for the following weeks:

Today - Sunday 5th August

  • Get hold of a copy of the book
    (The Artist"s Way by Julia Cameron)
  • Read the intro to the book
  • Read chapter 1 (week 1) of the book

Saturday 4th/ Sunday 5th August:
Within our facebook group, we will discuss getting started on Week 1, making sure we are all set and clear on the tasks and chapter/week we are about to start for the week ahead.

WEEK 1: Monday 6th August - Sunday 12th August

  • Working through Week/ Chapter 1
  • Reading Week 2

I'll update the tasks for this week before the week begins
(once I've read the chapter)

Week 2 Monday 13th August - Sunday 19th August

  • Working through Week/ Chapter 2
  • Reading Week/ Chapter 3

I'll update the tasks for this week before the week begins
(once I've read the chapter)

weeks 3-12 (20th August - 28th October)

Weeks 3-12 will be added as we get a little closer to them.

Well I think that's about it for now!
As mentioned, this will be used purely as a timeframe and task reference page. Let's make the main support and chit chat about the read along happen over in the facebook group.

Please come and join in....It's something a little different and it's not only going to give us a chance to work on our creative selfs, but a great opportunity to interact with others on a similar journey.

If you fancy it, I'll see you in the read along group!

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