The Making Of A Mushroom - The Yarn

Hello Lovelies How are you all doing?
I'm locked away in my craftroom today having a play with some yarn, working on a pattern and putting pen to paper as I make sure all of the details are correct.

My absolute favourite part of crocheting is choosing yarn! LOVE IT! That moment when you see a yarn and it brings a project or idea to mind is pure magic! Then you go through all of the options...How much? What shades?...Sooooo exciting!

For this project I'm having a fiddle with some yummy Scheepjes! I've chosen Scheepjes Cahlista. I can just imagine it being perfect for the project I'm working on, it's an aran weight cotton that comes in a ton of colours.

Now I'm lucky enough to have the Scheepjes Cahlista Colour Pack. Which means I have a set of 15g mini balls of 109 Cahlista colours.
It's a perfect collection for small projects, but I find makes a great collection for playing around with color combinations and design ideas.

I used my collection to decide which colours were going to work best for this project, having a play around with a few different options.
One of the great things about having the Cahlista colour pack is the range of different shades for one particular color.
I needed a red for this project, but what shade of red? OPTIONS!!!

I settled on these 5 colors for the main bulk of my project and ordered them in full size balls.
That's a full 50g ball of:

Look at the difference in size between the regular 50g ball and the teeny tiny 15g colour pack balls.

As well as the 5 main colours that I chose, I'm going to need a few others colours to accent my project. I'm not going to need so much of these colours though, so I'm going to use a little from my 15g balls of the following colours:

I'm so excited about this project! To get stuck into it and share the pattern with you guys next week!

If your interested in getting your hands on some of the scrummy Cahlista that I mentioned, here are some links that'll be more than useful!

Some Useful Cahlista links:

I'll be back on Monday with a little work in progress post and reveal a little more about this project, as well as show you how it's plodding along!

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  1. I have a box of those tiny Scheepjes balls of wool in the Stonewashed colours. I bought it as part of a kit for a blanket but can't bear to open it yet - it looks too lovely on display in my workroom . Sad I know.
    I've just got in to amigurumi and found you when seeking help for the trophy heads. I was doing the mouse - a bit fiddly but now you've helped with the shaping part (thank you) I feel I can move on to one of the bigger ones. The mushroom project looks great (I sneaked a peek on Instagram) and I might have to do it because I often say 'life's too short to stuff a mushroom' but now I actually might.