In Bed With A Boy & Bunting: Episode 2

Hello Lovelies!
I'm back today with a new episode of "In Bed With A Boy & Bunting", episode 2. For some reason I'm feeling positively giddy and think it shows in the video!

I'm jabbering on today about my projects and book inspirations, as well as announcing the winner to both books: "animal friends of Pica Pau" and "Animal Heads". So be sure to check out the video to see if you've won!

As usual, I'll pop some links below the video post so you can have a wonder around and explore some of the things I featured in todays video!
Go pop the kettle on and join me in bed as I talk your ear off!

Some Links and Info from the Episode

She's almost done!

My 5th pattern from the Animal Heads book and quite possibly rivalling the zebra as my favourite head so far. I just need to get those front feathers finished, then she's ready to hang on the wall!
Check out my book review of Animal Heads by Vanessa Mooncie, it's a lovely collection of projects.

Toadstool Tin Caddy pattern and JUTE coaster pattern both coming really soon!

Just a little moment needed to edit the patterns and video tutorial, then the patterns are all yours!

I'm so very proud of this bad boy!

Just a 15 year wait and I'll be inviting you all round for some homegrown, homemade guacamole! I've been taking pictures of the progress of my avocado plants (that's right, not just one!) I'm thinking an avocado themed post is definitely on the horizon!

Scheepjes yarn 5 is here! If you do not know the Yarn series I really urge you to check out these bookazines, they are really something special!

You can purchase your copy of yarn 5 here! Its truly a collection of patterns not to be missed!

Finally some of the books that popped up on the episode:

Well....thats about it from me!
I hope you enjoyed my ramblings once again. If you enjoyed the video, please share with your friends and tell Everybody in your crochet circle! I'm going for crochet world domination! :-)

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  1. It was funny to hear you mention me (Dinki Dots) in your video! Thank you so much - I can't believe I won!
    Looking forward to seeing the projects and patterns you are working on - everything you make is always so lovely.
    Thanks again,
    Maria x

  2. So excited to see what new patterns you have up your sleeve! I am also looking forward to your review of Twinkie Chan‘s book. I bought it way back when and have to my shame only managed one pattern so far. The donut pouf was immediately taken over by my little borrow doggy. It is now her favourite place to snooze when she visits!