In Bed with a Boy & Bunting Episode 1

Hello Lovelies!
Look at me getting back into my blog...the camera came out today and I thought I'd sit behind it and have a little chit chat with you guys. My first "In Bed With A Boy And Bunting" in a really long time....that's why I'm calling this episode's a start over for the vlog series.

So why not go grab yourself a massive mug of tea (or a bucket of wine, if that suits you better) and something nice to nibble. Then once you're settled, come join me as I natter on for the next 20 minutes or so.

Some Links and Info from the Episode

My current WIP is this gorgeous little fellow:

It's making for some intricate work, but I can already feel that the hard work is going to be well worth it. This is made using some crummy Scheepjes Alpaca Rhythm. It's my first time using this yarn, oh my is it luxurious!

I've  also picked out some yummy colours of Scheepjes Cotton 8, focussing on a sunny Caribbean sort of colour scheme. Pink and orange sunsets, mixed with bold coral shimmering through the bright aqua ocean.

I'm really looking forward to getting started with this idea. I have a very clear picture in my head of the type of wall hanging I'm hoping to create! Let's see if I can make my idea become a reality!

My next share from todays video was this cute toadstool tin cover. I made this a little while ago with the hope of someday making a tutorial. Hopefully, once I finish with Tarzan I'll find the time (or maybe that's wishful thinking).

I use the tin an awful lot.  It hides my crochet hooks, stores my stitch markers and keeps my pins orderly on top. It's a great addition to my crafting space!

Finally the books I am currently browsing.
The Wisdom Of Sundays is really a perfect coffee table book. One that can be lying around and looked upon when insight and inspiration are needed! I like that!
The other two books are similar and part of a whole series of "O's little book of....", I really enjoy them and am hoping that over time I will collect the whole series.

I do hope you enjoyed having a chit chat with me? Like I mentioned I hope to be back regularly with this series, next time I'll be staying at my parents, so you'll have me in a totally different bedroom!
Until then..

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  1. I love the vlogs! Thank you for sharing your beautiful projects and having chats with us! :)

    1. Thank you so much...hopefully more coming soon x

  2. I just love the colours you use - good luck with your life changes, looking forward to the consistency

    1. Thank you! Life changes.....eeeeeek! Consistency.......yiiiiipeeeee! x

  3. Nice blogg.
    Matt can i ask you smering about the animal heads you made. I found som privios blogg/youtube films about them and i responded on them . Do you mayby knowhow if there is a duch verion comeing soon or can you help me white the translation of it. Because as you my't see May English is not so great, the speaking is beter than the reading and writting.

  4. MWaaah!!!
    I need those cute li'll 'O' books in my life. I feel a shopping trip coming on ;)