Animal Friends

Hello Lovelies!
Thanks so much for the lovely response to my last post, I had so much fun making the review for the Scheepjes Studio Pack and hope to make reviews and unboxing videos more of a regular feature here on the blog.
If there is something you have in mind that you would like me to review or take a look at, then please let me know.

Sooooo...How are you all doing?
I was hoping to be back with a blog post earlier last week, but life got the better of me and things took a little longer than expected. It gave me a little more time for some hooky action though. So here I am a week later with a few more projects than anticipated to share with you all!

I've fallen in love with a book, "Animal friends of Pica Pau" by Yan Schenkel. It was a gift from my Mum for Christmas and what better gift to buy an addicted hooker, than a crochet book?

It's a gorgeous book, not only as a pattern book, but also as a book to browse and inspire. Amongst it's pages are pattern upon pattern of cute and cuddly designs. Each design with a little something extra and some added flare!

Having given myself a moment after Christmas to finish up other projects, I took the time to flick through the pages and decided which pattern was going to be my first. I raided my craft room for the prefect yarn for the project and settled with my stash of Scheepjes cotton 8. I kept my colour choices as close as possible to those recommended within the book.

I must be honest, I knew from the very first moment that I saw this book which project I wanted to make first. In fact it may have been this project that made me want to get the book in the first place.....Robin the unicorn

What a cute make this was, clever design especially the body, which was made all in one part, so no sewing on the legs at the end...yiiiiipeeee!
It was the little "extras" that really made this project though. The well crafted main, the horn and those cute little wings!

I still have a little anchor to embroider on the body of the unicorn, then all finished. I'll get a complete pic of him once he's totally finished! Isn't he adorable though?!

You know me though....never one project on the go! As well as working up the unicorn, I got going on Bonny the Puffin.

I was drawn to Bonny because of the colour work around her chest. I've been crocheting for some time now, but never actually tried tapestry crochet. I thought that this would be a fun make, as well as one to try out a new technique.

After experimenting with a couple of the projects from the book, I couldn't resist buying Yan's other crochet book, "The world of Pica Pau".
It's also a gorgeous book, unfortunately not available in English, but Spanish and French.
Since I can't speak either of those languages, I picked the book with the quickest delivery date...French. So not only am I going to work up a few of the patterns from her first book, but also brush the cobwebs off of the French that I learnt at school, way back when.

The final project from the book that I've started is was Audrey Gazelle. She's poised very elegantly on the front cover of the book and is absolutely adorable.

I still need to give her some ears, but other than that she's done!

Two very gorgeous books! I'm looking forward to making more projects from both books.

So now to finish off Robin and Audrey. Like I said I'll show you some complete pictures once the projects are totally finished. I really can't get enough of them though!

I'm also in the middle of editing a book review for the "Animal Friends of Pica Pau" book.
It'll be a video, so you'll be able to see a little more of the book and get a better idea of the yumminess that I've been jabbering on about!

Hopefully that will be up on the blog early next week! .....until then lovelies!

Keep it crafty!

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  1. Hi Matt!

    I just forwarded the email of this blog post to my daughter Shannon. I taught her to crochet when she was a little girl. Actually I taught all four of my children, but she is an avid crocheter and crochets animals mostly. I know she will love this post as much as I do! I just may have to buy that book for her.

    Have a wonderful day!

  2. Just love the puffin and the unicorn! You are so talented! I'm still a beginner at crochet (only 3 blankets and one scarf under my belt) so I feel a bit intimidated by animals. What do you think?

  3. Such gorgous patters! Damn you Matt! Now I have to buy another crochet book...

  4. Great Review, Matt! Don't know which I enjoyed more, your excellent presentation, or the actual book ( which looks totally yummy, btw! ). Looking forward to your next Review. :-) Happy Valentines Day...hope you get spoilt, you deserve it! XX