New Year, New Yarn!

Hello Lovelies!!!
I do hope you had a splendid holiday season and that you started the new year in good spirits and good health?

I was lucky enough to go home this year for Christmas, something that I just love to do. It was a great time spent with my family, eating rich and indulgent foods and having a moment to contemplate the past year, as well as look forward to the next.
I'm making plans and I can not tell you how excited am to see where these plans may take me over the course of the year. I haven't been blogging so much, as I wanted to get organised. Filling out my diary and knowing what was what before 2017 turned into 2018.

I'm ready for it now though and I hope you are also? I'll be back with a new post on Wednesday....but until then I wanted to take a moment to anounce the winner of the very exciting giveaway that I mentioned last post.

The winner will receive a full set of the GORGEOUS and brand spanking new yarn from"s called "Our Tribe" and it's truly scrumptious. (It's the yarn stacked in a pyramid on top of my shelves. How's that for some serious yarn porn!)

To see if you were the lucky winner, check out the raffle video below. 

I hope you enjoyed the giveaway? If you were not the lucky winner this time, you can still get your mits on this yummy yarn by visiting the Scheepjes website to find stockists in your area or by buying the yarn here at Woolwarehouse!

Thanks for all of your support over the past year! I appreciate your love and energy more than you can imagine! See you soon hookers!


  1. Happy New Year, Matt! Wishing you all the very best of Health, Wealth, Joy, Prosperity and Love for 2018! Congratulations on becoming a new member of the Scheepjes Blogging Tribe! XXX

    1. Thanks so much Jen! Wishing you also a very Happy and health 2018!!!! x

  2. Happy new year and congratulations Lily :) xxx

  3. Happy new year Matt! And you did it...pronounce 'scheepjes' several times in a perfect way😁

  4. Huge congrats Lily!
    Matt good luck with your new adventure. Wishing you a fabulous 2018.

  5. I wish you all good and a lot of health for the whole 2018. And a lot of new ideas.These yarn look pretty. Best wishes :)