Matt's Journal

Hello Lovelies!
I do hope that your week is going well? I'm sure for many of you that means getting back into the routine of "normal life". I've started back at work and I'm riding the normal buzz I get at the start of the year. A mixture of feelings from "let's make it the best" and "anything is possible".

I understand that it's a bit of a cliché, The whole "new year, new me", but I'm going with it. I really feel excited about what's to come. I'm diving into my blog and enjoying the focus it gives me.
Rehearsals are easing up a little at work and so I have a little more free time in the day to be a bit more consistent with my blog work. It really feels like a transition phase, as I count down the last 12 weeks that I have working on the show and gearing up to having this open block of time.
Time for me, where literally anything is possible.

So January 2018 has begun (God I remember the hype about it turning 2000.....and it seems like yesterday! YIIIIIKES!!) and it's already off to a promising start.
This months Simply Crochet has been released and I'm more than happy to say that I'm in it once again! I have a double page spread which they've called "Matt"s Journal". 

It's basically me jabbering on about how and what I do when I lose my creative mojo. It's a topic that I find really interesting, how and when we feel inspired and what to do when the feeling of inspiration is nowhere to be seen.
I'd never really considered this topic, that was until I was recommended the book "Big Magic" by Elisabeth Gilbert.

The book was hugely inspiring to me and gave a really interesting perception to creative living and thinking, as well as being open enough to trust and give your creative ideas a chance.
It was my inspiration behind the Simply Crochet article......maybe it was a little deeper than I normally go, but I hope you enjoy it non the less.

As well as having "Matt's Journal" published in the magazine, I've also been working on my own journal. Well...actualy not really a journal, but a diary/planner where I have space to write down my ideas and thoughts as well as plan my day to day bits 'n bobs. 

I have a confession when it comes to diaries. I actually have a bit of an addiction. I always buy diaries even if I don't really need them. It's like this never ending quest to find the perfect planner that is going to fix all of my problems and make me the best version of myself I can possibly if that exists! Still I keep searching!!!!

This year I've settled on a page per day diary from Kiki K, I chose this back in November when I went to London for a few days. I like that it's very simple, but I have space each day to plan as well as add some notes at the bottom of the page. It's doing the job so far!

Let's see if this turns out to be the life changing journal I've been searching for!!!
If I can stick to the goals I've placed within my's going to be a good year!
Let's see....I  guess discipline is the key!!! EEEEEK!
Wishing you all a lovely day!..


  1. Happy New Year, Matt! I love receiving your blog in my in-box. You always inspire me. Thank you!


  2. I love the article in the SC magazine! Great website!! Glad you found your mojo, and thanks for the inspiring word! :)