Round & Round The Crochet Hook

Hello Lovelies! How are you all doing, I do hope having a nice weekend?

I was approached a little while ago by the rather talented Emily Littlefair, to have a look at her new book and see what I thought. You all know I love a good crochet book and so I was more than happy to oblige!

I"ve been following Emily for quite some time on Instagram (@theloopystitch) and am quite the fan of her work. Her projects and pictures are yummy and her colour choices are always swoon worthy. I was thrilled for her when I heard that her work was being published and could not wait to get my hands on a copy of the book!
I wasn't disappointed!!

The book is rather appropriately called "Round And Round The Crochet Hook" and contains 18 gorgeous patterns crocheted in the round.
Within the book you'll find projects ranging from table runners to cushion covers, wall hanging to a  very impressive full size blanket.

As mentioned I love a "Good ol' crochet book" and have quite the growing collection. When choosing a crochet book there are certain things that I am looking for, certain things that appeal and certain things I hate. Also, I must add....As superficial and shallow as it may sound, I do judge a book by its cover.

So what did I think of Emily"s book.....Lets start with the cover :-)
It's gorgeous! A selection of some of the projects that you will find in the book arranged in a bright and bold fashion, making it appear modern and up to date, without trying be "cool".
You can already get an idea from the cover that the skill level off the projects inside is broad, making it appeal to crochet beginners, as well as veteran hookers. I love the colour palette of the book, modern, fresh and soothing.

Inside the book you'll find a double page index with pictures of all of the projects showcased from the book. I like this set up as it gives you a quick browse of the projects with the option of being able to compare the projects to one another.
Straight away you can see that there are some quick projects. Projects that you could hook up in an afternoon and other larger projects that will really keep you occupied for a good few weeks (like her scrummy Winnies Wonderland Blanket).

Along with the great choice of patterns there is also a technique section to the back of the book. It's well explained, so the beginner crocheters can learn new techniques and the more advanced crocheters can brush up on old ones. This is an important key in making the book accessible to everyone

I had a browse of the book and decided to make myself one of the wall hangings. I got to work following the pattern for the "Fenced Around Wall Hanging" 
The book is very clear and Emily has done a great job designing and writing the patterns. 

Along with written instructions for each pf the patterns, there are also very clear and convenient diagrams to help you out that extra little bit. 

I was absolutely chuffed with how the project turned out. All thanks to the easy to follow and clear instructions and pictures

I popped this wall hanging on the wall in my craft room and have another one in the making as I thoroughly enjoyed the process of following the pattern and achieving such a positive outcome.
I must say the book is lovely and ticks a whole array of boxes for me!

If you're looking for the perfect Christmas present for a hooker, then this is it! If you fancy treating yourself or adding to your book collection, I'd pop this up on your list. It's an absolute gem of a craft book!!!

Great patterns, clear, bright and jolly photography, technique how-to's and precise diagrams to follow.
Great job Emily!!!!!

Be back soon Lovelies....

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