Hello there!
I'm sat writing this at the hair salon, of all places. I'm multitasking .....getting my hair did and writing a little post.
I got a few little blond highlights added to my hair a couple of weeks ago. It didn't quite end up how I had envisioned ( a little stripey to say the least) So I'm getting it redone. The hairdresser said I should  go a little lighter, eeeeeeek so lets see where this ends up!!!  I've never dyed my hair before this little stint...could be a lesson learned...whatever.....as the saying goes...Blonds have more fun :-)

I have something really special to share with you all today. Something that makes my heart dance.
It's a little decorative piece that I bought for the craft room and since hanging it up, it fills the room with HAPPY.

It's a simple little wire hanging made by NOI which I believe is a shop based in Hamburg (here's a link to the shops website).
I checked out their website and they really have some stunning gift ideas.

It's hand made (which I love) and just consists of lots of shiny pretty little beads, sequins and buttons. All so bright and bold that they cant help but add a little cheer to the surrounding space.

The main part of the hanging is a nice large circle, kind of reminds me of a halo, for a very gay angel or a rather funky Christmas wreath. Underneath the circle hangs a rather pretty little heart. nice and dainty and a little more willowy looking.

I placed a hook in the ceiling close to the desk and hung the hanging from there. I wanted it to be free from any walls so that it would spin around whenever there was a little breeze running through the room
It's things like this that I love!!Handmade, fun, bright, no purpose other than HAPPY HAPPY!!!

I hope you are all having a splendid week?
I'm gearing up for a trip to Tokyo, Japan! Leaving on Monday and am crazy excited!!! If anybody has ever been and has some suggestions of things to do, maybe craft related? Yarn shops ect.... I'd love to hear your suggestions!
I've never been on a vacation like this before....and can not waaaaaaaaait!!!!!
Have a great rest of the week!

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