The Greystoke Cowl

Hello everyone!

I'm so excited to finally share the Greystoke Cowl with you guys! For those of you who follow us on Instagram and Facebook, you might have already seen it! It's always the first two platforms where we post our recent makes, as it takes only little time to reach you guys. The blog posts need a little more work as I like to go into a lot more detail! So here goes:

It's a unisex cowl design, that can look completely different depending on the colours you choose! Warm and chunky criss cross puff stitches surrounding your neck on the coldest of days! Imagine this in your favourite colors! A gradient of greens, or blues, or even a RAINBOW if you're a unicorn 

As a guy, it's always important to me that my designs are unisex. I could choose to design just for you gals out there, but I like to wear my own creations as well :-) That's why I often go for quite minimal designs. Pretty but functional!

Another thing that is really important to me is the pattern itself. I want everyone to be able to make it. Even if you are not that advanced of a crocheter, I want you to be able to follow along.
This pattern is a mix of some basic stitches with some new techniques. Purely on paper it would seem a little too daunting, which is why I chose to make a step by step, detailed video tutorial.

When you decide to purchase this pattern, you will get a PDF pattern, as well as a link to the YouTube video tutorial which is not listed anywhere else. The tutorial is 40 minutes long, and I go through the pattern very slowly, repeating the steps that seem tricky at first! No need to worry, you can pause and replay as often as you want! Even years from now this video will still be available to you! And don't forget, I'm always here to help. If you still think you're doing something wrong, or you're not sure about something, you can ALWAYS contact me by using the contact form here on the blog!

It's been great fun playing around with this pattern until I was completely satisfied with the result. And of course I'm not going to keep the pattern just to myself... It's already available on Etsy, Ravelry and Here are the links:

Buy on Etsy
Buy on Ravelry
Buy on

Here are some more pictures of me wearing the cowl :-D

I'd suggest using a worsted weight yarn for this pattern. It will create thick and fluffy puff stitches to keep you nice and warm. The width and length of the cowl are also fully customisable. You just add more chains at the beginning, and make as many rows of criss cross puff stitches as you want! You can even turn it into a big infinity scarf, where you loop it around your neck twice!

As for the name... Since Matt and I have a little history to do with Tarzan, this name suddenly popped up in my head! This cowl couldn't have anything less to do with Tarzan swinging through the jungle, but somehow it stuck with me. It's funny how things like that happen. Naming an item is a difficult matter, so when you find something that feels right, just go with it!

I hope you enjoy making your very own Greystoke Cowl!
Have a lovely day everyone!!


  1. Already bought the it and can't wait to make it for my son-in-law! You guys are both wonderfully talented!

  2. Really attractive cowl, nice to see one a guy can wear. The model's not bad looking either! Thanks for sharing this with us all!