Point Made

Hello everyone!

I'm so excited to share yet another pattern with you guys! I know I only just released The Greystoke Cowl a couple of days ago, but since it's getting really cold outside, I didn't want to wait too long before releasing this one ;-) Here we go: Point Made

I've made so many triangular scarfs in the past, but I always tend to grab a long scarf when I go out since I feel that I can really concentrate all the warmth around my neck!

I loved the idea of making something quite classic, but with a little added interest. Why not make the scarf pointy? I feel like it really adds a finishing touch to both ends of the scarf! The same goes for the faux border which is worked into the scarf. There are no 'raw' edges anywhere because of this construction. Nice and clean :-)

I went through many prototypes to get to this "Point". It wasn't the pattern that was the Problem, it stayed consistent throughout all the different Versions. It was the yarn that I wasn't happy with everytime. It was either too thin, or didn't have enough stitch Definition. It's hard to really fall in love with your pattern unless all the components are Fitting together they way you've imagined it.
I'm going to Show you guys all the Versions I've gone through!

It all started in January.
(I just had to go through my photos and I'm in total shock that it's that long ago. Why did I wait this long???) This was the first version I've made. I didn't shop for the yarn, but used what we had lying around.

As you can see I went with the idea of adding some colourful stripes to the pattern.
I like the general idea right away, but didn't love the colours. It wasn't something I would wear.

I then started playing around with the idea of turning it into a hooded scarf. I'm STILL loving the idea of this, but I wasn't happy with the execution. The back of the hood was too round, and it didn't look right when pulled over my head. Such a pity! I loved how the hood sort of looked like a sun!

I started playing around with a different shape for the back of the hood. This is one of the prototypes:

I liked the colours very much, but ended up not using it. Life happened, and I forgot about the project entirely for a while.

In the middle of February I came up with yet another Version of the back of the Hood:

I redid the entire scarf in grey and and attached the hood piece to the scarf. Because of the weight of the scarf, the point where the hood was sitting on the back of the neck turned out to be a little painful. Another failed attempt.
I decided to keep the scarf, but get rid of the hood idea. This was the end of it for me, and I forgot about the pattern entirely.

Fast forward to October this year ,when it was getting cold again. I got my scarf out of the cupboard again, and Matt pretty much stole it and started to wear it to work.

I stole the scarf back one morning to take some pictures of myself wearing it. Sometimes I need some photos to help me fall in love with a project. And I totally did!

I loved the how the points made the scarf look so different from a 'plain' scarf! I really wanted to make a colourful version as well though and I went to search for the right yarn!

I didn't need to look very long, as we were approached by We Are Knitters to try out some of their yarn. I had been eyeballing their website for a while already, and was in LOVE with their yarns! I wasn't sure what to pick, but a day after the e-mail they released their The Petite Wool in a new colourway: Deep Turqoise! It was meant to be.

The yarn was too delicious for words. Big 100 gram balls of heavenly, turquoise goodness. So soft, so fluffy, so perfect! I couldn't wait to start stitching away. I already knew it was going to be perfect for my design after a couple of rows!!!

The colour is so incredibly vibrant! It was an absolute joy to work with! I can't recommend it enough!
They were also kind enough to give us a discount code to share with you guys:

Use the code: BOYSWAKBUNTING for a 15% discount on their website!

After finishing the scarf, I took some more photos of course!

You can tell by my face that I was very happy with the outcome! I was fully back in love with my design and was ready to share it with you guys!

So here we go, the Point Made is available on Ravelry & Etsy right now:

Ravelry: Point Made
Etsy: Point Made

On both websites you can use the following discount code: POINTMADE to get a 30% discount.
The code is valid till this Sunday at midnight (Amsterdam Time). 

Thank you all so much for all the positive comments on Instagram and Facebook (where I posted about the Point Made yesterday).

And as if I haven't posted enough photos yet, here is the last one!

Sorry for the incredibly long post, but I love to share my process with you guys!
I really hope you enjoyed reading about the Point Made! Let me know what you think!!!

Have a lovely weekend everyone!



  1. Another lovely pattern Dennis, well done you. I don't think I would be able to actually design a pattern, you really are very talented. Xxx

  2. You're right about the pointy ends - they look really cool! Great pics too!

  3. Oh wow, that is one fabulous design that you clearly didn't just whip up overnight and throw out there with a price tag - lots of thought and hard work to make it perfect. In particular, I really really like the detail along the edges you've designed into this project. Perfect execution of a great idea. I also loved reading about the process it took because design is not for the faint of heart! So happy to see you guys back on the blog eventhough life can get busy. I look forward to reading about more of your design work to come. So much talent - job well done!!