Pattern Help: Animal Heads

Hello there gorgeous hookers!
Thank you all so much for the lovely comments in regards to my crocheted zebra. I'm very proud of her and glad that you were appreciative of all of her hooky glory.

The pattern for these animals are from the book "Animal Heads, Trophy Heads to crochet" by Vanessa Mooncie. What a lovely book it is! Dennis and I have made a fair few animals from the book and still working our way through.

Now as mentioned in my last post, Dennis and I have received many messages in regards to the written instructions for these lovely animals. There is a part in the pattern when you go from working in the round to shaping the top of the head and the pattern is a little wordy.

I totally understand the frustration when you get stuck on a pattern, especially when its such a cool pattern like these. Vanessa has done a great job at designing and writing the pattern and despite it sounding a little wordy its actually really easy (once you know how).

Because of all of the questions, I've put together this little video tutorial to help out with some of the questions that you guys have had.

We do hope that this video helps? Of course if you do have more questions, please don't hesitate to get in contact!

Happy Hooking!


  1. Thank you for your clear explanation, it'll be useful

  2. I'm having trouble with stuffing my zebra head. It just doesn't look very much like the shape of a zebra and I'm wondering if maybe I'm not stuffing it enough or if I'm stuffing it too much.

  3. I have just finished the zebra, I loved it. I am currently working on the bear at the moment. I have put pictures on my blog it you fancy a look.

  4. Hi I’m doing the fox head and I’m stuck on the eyes. The eyelid instructions make no sense to me!