Pincushion Caddy

I love Instagram, I really do. I believe that it's quite obvious since I already posted an Instagram Pincushion pattern.
This blogpost is about Instagram and a Pincushion, but not about an Instagram Pincushion this time ;-)
I was scrolling through my Instagram feed when I suddenly saw this really cute idea for a "Pincushion Caddy".
Pretty much a cup to hold your crochet or knitting utensils with the outer shell being a pincushion at the same time!!! (I know right?!)
It was made by a user called Gultence79. Her work is absolutely beautiful! She also shares her patterns and even makes mini video tutorials on her channel.
Like I said, I was sold when I saw the little caddy. The pattern couldn't be easier. Endless rounds of single crochets, some stuffing, and done! What you don't see, is that the actual jar or glass that's holding the crochet hooks is covered in crochet as well, before working the same length again with increases and decreases, which is folded over to the bottom again and stuffed.
I didn't have any stitch markers lying around, so I decided to use a piece of scrap yarn as a stitch marker. After posting my progress picture on Instagram, some people mentioned liking the blue colour pop, so I decided to add the blue colour to the final caddy! Because grey would just be grey right? Also note the totally matching blue crochet hook ;-)

I decided to use Rico Baby Classic DK for this project. To be really honest, I was convinced it was a cotton mix, but it turned out to be an Acrylic/Polyamide mix. Oh well, it still did the job! If I were to make another one, I'd probably go with cotton. I really like the stitch definition you get when using cotton or a cotton blend.
The container is actually a stainless steel toothbrush holder from a shop called "Depot" which is the most amazing home decor shop we have in Germany.

After I finished the crocheting part of the caddy, I had to move on to stuffing. I found it a bit tricky to be really honest. Getting the stuffing evenly dispersed over the entire area and making sure it's rounded on each side turned out to be quite the challenge. It's still not a 100 percent perfect, but it's good enough for me! It does the trick, and looks cute whilst doing that.
I also took the liberty of adding one of our little Simple Stars as a decoration.

And one more time, in it's total awesomeness:

Now I'm actually off to make another one, but with quite a different design! When I was making this caddy, I made a couple of mistakes the first time (not following the pattern) and ended up with something looking quite different. I undid my mistake, but decided I would try and make the same mistake on purpose for my second version of this. I'll let you know once it's finished!
Have a lovely week everyone!

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