Easter Bunny

Hello everyone!!!
Let me start by thanking you all for the crazy amount of positive feedback on our very first VLOG! We were so nervous about posting it, since it's so different from writing a blog post. We were also surprised by how much fun it was for us to make this video! We only briefly spoke before about some of the subjects we wanted to talk about. Matt wrote down some of the questions you guys had asked and so did I, but we didn't discuss any of it beforehand. All in all it was a very positive experience for us and we actually can't wait to do it again!!!
Like we said before, keep the questions coming and we'll make sure to feature them in our next videos!!!
Now back onto the subject of everyones favourite pastime: CROCHET.
I was walking Poppy with my lovely neighbour Tanja, which is something we do together every Tuesday till Friday. Especially when Matt is off to work, it's really nice having someone to walk the dog with, because especially the long walk (about an hour) can feel quite long when the weather is not so nice. Tanja showed lots of interest in our crochet endeavours, so I taught her the basics of crochet a while back. We didn't have much time yet, but she already managed to make some christmas presents for her daughter and nieces. She crocheted them some handbags with flower embellishments! I was very proud of my 'student'!!

She still struggles with reading patterns and told me she tried making her daughter a little Easter Bunny. She found a tutorial on YouTube but she thought the instructions weren't very clear and she gave up. Since she just told me she had her birthday coming up the next day, I decided I was going to spend the rest of my day crocheting her a little Easter Bunny that she could either give to her daughter or keep for herself!
I decided to go with a yarn that I have grown to love recently. It's called Rustikal Hauswolle (Rustic House Wool) by Wolle Rödel It's a pure wool, that's definitely on the chunky side of worsted. I love how 'rustic' it looks and it comes in a couple of really nice shades. I went with a medium grey colour, which I though would work great with some light pink details. For the pink I used some mercerised cotton (Mille Fili by Wolle Rödel). It's perfect yarn for the nose detailing, since it's not a very fuzzy yarn.

I actually found it really hard finding a pattern that I liked on Ravelry. It took me a good half hour of searching the web until I came across this lovely pattern: Small Bunny by Kristi Tullus Here's picture of her finished bunnies! You can choose to have the ears up or a version with the ears down.

The pattern was very well written and so easy to follow! Her photographs are beautiful and really make you want to finish your project! I used a 4mm crochet hook, which proved to be a little tedious with such thick yarn. However, the results were definitely worth the extra perseverance!
I decided to go with the floppy eared version of the bunny. Although, once I had finished the ears I wasn't totally convinced that floppy ears was the way to go?! I decided to ask our community for help! On our Facebook Page and on Instagram I asked you to choose your favourite version.


The amount of reactions was absolutely crazy! I asked on 3 different locations on the web and must have had about a 1000 replies! Most of you guys chose down which made me really happy because that was what my first instinct was!

I attached the floppy ears and finished off with a cute little pink bow around her neck, just like in the pictures of the original pattern.
I could not believe how cute she was! Almost impossible to part with ;-) I surrounded her with some nice tulips, a picture frame and another little bunny, so that we could take a nice picture of her!

I also bought Tanja some nice Tulips, which I wrapped in twine and added one of my little "Simple Stars" to it for decoration. It was actually Matt's idea to wrap them in twine. What a nice idea it was, as the tulips looked lovely! A great way to transform a bunch of tulips, into something ever MORE special!

The next day we walked our dogs as usual. After returning home I quickly picked up my presents and ran over to Tanja's house so that I could surprise her with her Birthday gifts! She wasn't expecting anything of course and was over the moon with what the Bunny that I had made! She said she was going to keep the bunny for herself (can you blame her?) and put it on a high shelf so that her daughter couldn't reach it! (That's what I do with things I don't want Matt to reach! lol!)
This was a really fun make and it's always nice to give gifts, especially to someone unsuspecting!
Have a lovely weekend!



  1. The bunny is adorable! Just think of the wardrobe you could crochet for sweet bunny!

    I love your humor about keeping stuff up high where Matt can't reach it! Funny!

    1. You're so right! A perfect toy to dress up! And I wasn't even kidding about keep stuff up high and away from matt. He's almost a head shorter than me, so it actually works out that he can't reach stuff that's on top of the kitchen cupboard, or the wardrobe! It's hilarious to see him try though ;-) xxx

  2. What an adorable bunny! I love to crochet things to give away to people not expecting it, the reactions gives you the warm fuzzies! I think I will try to make the bunny for Easter but for some weird reason, it's very hard to find safety eyes here in Calgary. What they do sell are huge! That would make the bunny look scary, maybe I'll try ebay.....

    1. Hey there!! Thank you for your comment!!! It's all about the warm fuzzies for me too!!! And totally try eBay!!! That's where I got mine, I got one of those boxes with 5 different sizes in them for like no money at all!!! xxx

  3. Awww, I wish you guys were MY neighbors! I like the ears down bunny, too. Where do you get your safety eyes? I'm in the United States and have a hard time finding them! I have to buy them on Etsy, but even then, finding U.S. sellers can be tricky!

    1. Hello!!! Thank you for your comment! I actually ordered them from eBay for a ridiculously low price, a whole set in different sizes. I'm not sure I'd use them for kids though as the lock between eye and the round thingy it goes into isn't as tight as the more expensive ones (still tight though). A dot of superglue would probably solve that problem. They look perfect though on the outside!!! But yeah, I also wonder why they don't just sell them in craft shops. In Germany they're also not readily available. Pity!!! xxxx