Pattern Highlight: Mini Hoop Flowers

Adding a touch of spring to your home, projects or clothing, has never been easier with this pattern for our rather cute Mini Hoop Flowers.
We originally designed this pattern as we wanted a set of sunny flowers to upcycle a lamp that was hanging in our apartment.
The charming thing about these flowers is that their simplicity means that they are easy to make, but their bold design is more than enough to add a touch of flair to your projects without being over the top.

The pattern involves crocheting into a plastic crochet ring, which gives the design it's splayed inner circle.
There's also an outer layer of seven identical petals.
The flowers look great as they are, but adding a button to the centre adds that extra little flair, not to mention a flash of contrasting colour and texture to the overall look.
In our FREE downloadable PDF pattern we talk you through how to make these floral treats! With step by step instructions as well as handy pictures, things couldn't be clearer.

On the Mini Hoop Flower Pattern Page page you'll find a convenient list of all the equipment that you'll need, as well as information about the yarn and hook size. You'll also find links to online shops, where you can purchase the same supplies as we've used. With all of this information you'll never be at a loss of how you can replicate these beauties!

Why not stop by the Mini Hoop Flower Pattern Page where you'll find all the information on how to crochet this charming little pattern. You'll also be able to download the pattern there, with the click of a mouse.
Don't forget, we also have many other crochet patterns available on our Pattern Page! All of our patterns are available as downloadable PDF's, making them easy to download, print and have with you as a reference in your project bag!


  1. Oh, I just love you two! I recently discovered 'According to Matt', and practically read the entire blog in one day! (It reads like a wonderful artistic novel.) :) Your passion for crafting and life in general is so inspiring. Thank you for sharing your spirited thoughts and projects with us! xoxo PS: I'm a crocheter/knitter, so I'm loving every moment of your yarn crafts. :)

    1. I'm glad we were able to inspire you. That's why we love crafting....inspiring and being inspired by the awesome creations of other crafters! x

  2. I love the set-up of your new blog! It's so user-friendly!

    1. Thanks Sandra!! It took us a little while to get to this, but we are also very happy with how it turned out x