Pattern Highlight: Jammy Dodger Pattern

Very many moons ago, when Matt had just started to crochet, he set himself the challenge of making a rather cute little Jammy Dodger biscuit.
This was to be a rather fun project, to replicate our absolute, all time favourite biscuit.
Even though Matt was fairly new to crochet, he ended up being extremely pleased with the results of his finished biscuit.
He'd created a woolen replica biscuit, perfect for the most sophisticated of playtime tea parties!
Originally designed as a one off make, We recieved a lot of interest and requests for Matt's Jammy Dodger Biscuit pattern.
This interest on Matt's blog, along with the rather coincidentle use of the Jammy in the televison series Doctor Who, meant that we simply had to get to work recreating Matt's project in order to figure out the pattern.

With this classic treat in mind, we thought we'd have a play with a rather fun Jammy Dodger inspired crochet project. Cute and a little kinder on the waist line than the real deal! A fun project perfect for those who like to indulge in these jammy treats!
There's also an outer layer of seven identical petals.
The flowers look great as they are, but adding a button to the centre adds that extra little flair, not to mention a flash of contrasting colour and texture to the overall look.
In our FREE downloadable PDF pattern we talk you through how to make these floral treats! With step by step instructions as well as handy pictures, things couldn't be clearer.
On the Jammy Dodger Pattern Page you'll find a handy list of all the equipment that you'll need, Information about the yarn and hook size that we've used. Not to mention you'll find links to online shops, where you can purchase the same supplies as we've used. With all of this information you'll never be at a loss of how you can replicate these beauties!

Why not stop by to the Jammy Dodger Pattern Page where you'll find all of the information on how you can also crochet this charming little pattern, you'll also be able to download the pattern with the click of a mouse.
Don't forget, we also have many other crochet patterns available on our Pattern Page! All of our patterns are available as downloadable PDF's, making them easy to download, print and have with you as a reference in your project bag!

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