A fresh start to blogging

Hello There!!
I thought I'd pop by and say hello!
I'm learning from past experiences (I was going to write mistakes, but that's really not the case) and making a point of coming by often, to share with you all. Now I'm not just talking about sharing projects and patterns, although there will be lots of that :-) I'm talking about sharing snippets from my day, my experiences and my life.
During the middle of last year, my old blog According to Matt began to waver, and I stopped writing on it.
On reflection I see that the reason I stopped posting, was because of the huge amount of pressure I put upon myself to always have a new project or pattern to share with my readers. It all became a little too much with trying to balance a job, a personal life as well as all of the online bits 'n bobs that comes with blogging.
So I'm learning from my past and I'm taking it a little easier with this blog.
Sure Dennis and I will be sharing our makes and lots of crafty whatnot's, but the pressure is off, as we try to keep this blogging thing light hearted and fun for all.
With that in mind; Some days you'll get lots of pictures of a big pattern reveal and sometimes you'll be seeing what we ate for breakfast. Today is the latter...(wink)
...and so my fresh start at blogging begins!
Already 12 days into the New Year and I'm only just getting my bum in gear!
For months now I've been telling myself that tomorrow will be the day that I stop eating junk food and finally get to the gym. Well, today I'm actually making it happen! (I'm actually sat here in my gym clothes as I write this, ready to hit it hard as soon as I post this).
Because of the fact that I work in theatre and work into the evening, my day to day patterns are probably a little shifted to that of a regular 9 till 5 job. I tend to wake up late each morning (around 09.30) but go to bed late (02.00ish). Last night however, I made a point of getting into bed early, with the thought of my new life starting today!
I woke up a little earlier than normal and made myself some breakfast, Normally I'd have a big mug of tea (with too much sugar) along with Marmite (either you love, it or you hate it) on toast, with a lot of butter.
Today (as I'm a different person) I made the effort of getting some veggies and adding them to some egg whites, for a healthier start to my day.

I'll admit I wasn't looking forward to it, but it wasn't bad. Actually it was pretty good and I do already feel mentally healthier.
The hard thing for me when trying to eat healthy is finding foods that I enjoy to eat. From my experience, "nice" healthy food takes A LOT more effort than unhealthy food. When I have a busy day, spending time preparing food is such a chore! So I realise that if I want to eat better and feel better about myself, I need to put in more effort into the making of my food, which as a result means being more organised. On that note, I'm going to try and prep my meals for the following day, before I go to bed...let's see how that goes.
A pair of tap shoes?...
Last night I started back a tap class. "Say what?" That's right, tap class.
Dennis and I our doing tap together on a Monday night.

I'm a dancer for my job and Dennis a musical performer, so he dances well, but we are both definitely not tappers! So It's fun to do something new and something together. I really enjoy it as it's a challenge for me rhythmically and the style is very different in comparison to the dance styles I've trained in.
I was alone last night as Dennis is in Hamburg working for the week. So it was me and 12 woman tip a tee tappin' away.
Not only is it great learning a new dance style, that will potentially help me in upcoming auditions, but I'm also really loving the interaction with new people. I'm getting to meet people outside of work and practice my German language skills is also a plus.
Doesn't this yarn look yummy?!
It's for my latest project, a project that I'm almost done with and will (hopefully) share with you next week.

Since staring Boys & Bunting my brain had been absolutely flooded with ideas of projects and patterns I want to design and make. So many ideas swimming around in my head.
I'm trying my best to keep calm though and do one project at a time. Once one project is done, then I'll start with the next. Well...that's the plan. Plans don't always work though and so I've got 3 projects on the go as we speak!
Finally there's this little one, Poppy!

Poppy sits quietly at my side as I write this, she's tired as we've just gotten in from a nice walk across the fields.
I can't believe that we've had her for 6 months! Time goes so fast!
I just adore having a dog, she is such a pleasure to have around and brings so much happiness to both myself and Dennis.
I think I'll have to do a Poppy post at some point, so that you can all really get to know her!
For know though, I'll leave you with that picture of her nestled on her favourite crocheted cushion. What a cutie!
Well, that's it from me today...a blog post about nothing at all really, just my day. It's nice to sit and have a real chat though and not be so light and airy. It's good to be real.
Alright enough from me, I'm off to sweat it out at the gym! Wish me luck!
Until next time!


  1. So nice to read and catch up Matt - I was wondering about Poppy and how she was doing so it's lovely to see a photo of her. The yarn also looks yummy- Looking forward to your future posts.

    1. Thanks Tracy! Yes Poppy is doing well, she's got so much character, I just love her! Thanks for being so supportive of our work. You've always been there following my blogs, it means a great deal! x

  2. Love the new blog! I'm a dance teacher (and sometimes dancer), and tap is my absolute favorite. My heart fluttered when I saw the picture of those shoes. Enjoying the new blog already!

    1. Glad to get your heart fluttering :-) I'm really trying hard with my tap and bot Dennis and I are enjoying it immensely. I'm sure you'd tap circles around us though! x

  3. So so cute
    Could you please show a full picture of the cushion and
    write pattern that would be awesomeX Love xour new blog

    1. Hi Kat! Here's a link to Dennis' Ravely page, there are some more pictures of the cushion.

    2. Thanks Matt! I love your new blog so much and the videos are great looking forward to the next new projects!

  4. I love your new blog and I'm looking forward already for things to come!

  5. Love the new blog! My grown daughter and I recently signed up for tap class as well. She hasn't tapped since she was really little and even though I taught dance, its been a few years. Should be fun! Looking forward to seeing what you share with us in the future. :)

    1. That sounds like soooo much fun! Nice that you can both do something together like that. I'm sure all of your dance technique and teaching skills will mean that your tapping skills come flooding right back to you.....like riding a bicycle. xxx

  6. Loving the new blog...such beautiful design!

  7. Matt, you really must get yourself Jamie Oliver's "Everyday Super Foods" cookbook. It's delicious, easy to make and super healthy food. You'll love it.
    Cheers, Nadine

    1. OOOH Sounds good, perhaps I'll have a look. I do love Jamie Oliver, I think he's brill!! x

  8. That is what blogging is all about! Sharing our lives with each other and having a place where others understand that some days are bright and cheery and other days are all bah hum bug. I haven't made another blog because we do seem to let "other" people put pressure on what is expected of us. Maybe one day soon.

    1. It's so true that the pressure does creep in, even if it's not intended. Any more thoughts about starting to blog again? :-) x