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The Artist's Way - Read Along

Hello fellow creatives!
How are you all doing?

Those of you that follow me over on Instagram may have seen one of my recent stories where I spoke about a book that I was recently gifted, The Artist's way by Julia Cameron.

It's a book written with the sole purpose of helping the reader to develop and focus their creativity, something (quite frankly) we could all do with.
I'm going to read the book soon and wandered if you guys would like to join me? A sort of book club kind of thing.

The book is rather hands on book.
From having a quick glance, there is not too much to read, but each week you are given focusses and tasks that you have to complete.

It looks really interesting, but of course is a little commitment. A commitment that I'm sure if I go it alone I will not see through to the end.

So why don't you come and join me?

The book is split into 12 chapters, so a chapter per week. That means that if we start it within the next weeks it'll take us up to the end of October. I must say, the timeframe seems pretty daunting and so all the more reason for us to support one another and go on this creative development journey together. We can talk about how were getting on, support and encourage each other.
Come on!!!! So who's up for it?

The Plan

I've been giving it a little thought and I figured the best way to do this read along is to use this page as a simple breakdown of the book and our time frame. This section will be updated each week with the tasks that we need to achieve from the specific chapter we are working on. This way we have a quick reference and can stay on track for the full duration of the book.

I"ve set up a group on facebook, so If you are up for joining the read along come and join the facebook group. We can use it as a platform to discuss our progress, support each other and motivate each other to keep on track with the tasks.
(click here to go to the facebook group)

Those of you that want to join in but don't yet have a copy of the book....there's still time!!! Here's how and when we are starting, along with the time frame and the plan for the following weeks:

Today - Sunday 5th August

  • Get hold of a copy of the book
    (The Artist"s Way by Julia Cameron)
  • Read the intro to the book
  • Read chapter 1 (week 1) of the book

Saturday 4th/ Sunday 5th August:
Within our facebook group, we will discuss getting started on Week 1, making sure we are all set and clear on the tasks and chapter/week we are about to start for the week ahead.

WEEK 1: Monday 6th August - Sunday 12th August

  • Working through Week/ Chapter 1
  • Reading Week 2

I'll update the tasks for this week before the week begins
(once I've read the chapter)

Week 2 Monday 13th August - Sunday 19th August

  • Working through Week/ Chapter 2
  • Reading Week/ Chapter 3

I'll update the tasks for this week before the week begins
(once I've read the chapter)

weeks 3-12 (20th August - 28th October)

Weeks 3-12 will be added as we get a little closer to them.

Well I think that's about it for now!
As mentioned, this will be used purely as a timeframe and task reference page. Let's make the main support and chit chat about the read along happen over in the facebook group.

Please come and join in....It's something a little different and it's not only going to give us a chance to work on our creative selfs, but a great opportunity to interact with others on a similar journey.

If you fancy it, I'll see you in the read along group!

In bed with a Boy & Bunting Episode 3

Hello Lovelies!

TODAY I BRING YOU....a brand spanking new episode of "In Bed With A Boy & Bunting"!
This is episode 3 from me (check out episode 1 and episode 2). It's long over due, but felt like the right moment to get back into bed and in front of the camera.

Once again I get carried away and natter on and on about, well, EVERYTHING!

Go pop the kettle on grab an ice cream or something cold (we're in the midst of a heat wave, pour me a PiƱa colada!) and join me in bed as I talk your ear off!

Some Links and Info from the Episode

This was such a joy to find hiding in my mail box after returning from my trip to London!
I've already started flicking through the pages and have started working on a lovely little pineapple amigurumi pattern.
Whimsical Stitches by Lauren Espy is shaping up to be a true crocheters dream! I cant wait to film a detailed book review and share a little more insight and info on the book.

Here's a little peak at the cute pineapple that I'm making. He is practically perfect in every way! What a lovely design and a really fun make!


It seems to be all about books in todays episode.
Here are some of the books that I've been working through over the past weeks:
  • Heartburn by Nora Ephron
  • Notes On A Nervous Planet by Matt Haig
  • After You by Jojo Moyes
  • Reasons To Stay Alive by Matt Haig

Final book from todays episode, The Atrist's Way by Julia Cameron. I haven't actually started this book yet. But from what I understand and have been told, it's a corker of a book.
It's a twelve week programme working on developing creativity and maximising your creative focus. I'm going to get started on this book within the next few weeks and wandered if you guys would like to join me?

I'll write a blog post later this week explaining how we will organise our "book club" and we can work through the book together (Over the 12 week period) supporting and encouraging one anothers creative development.
Sounds like a plan!!!

Finally for me today...

This glorious bundle of rainbow gorgeousness!!!
This will be the cover for that rather delightful (I just vomited) stool that I bought for a bargain price of 3 euros. Watch this space and see how this turns out.


That's all folks!!!
Oh! Please do let me know what you think I should do about my little moving home/ sorting my belongings dilemma. I'm really interested to hear your perspective on what I should do!

Enjoy the rest of your week, you gorgeous bunch of crafters!

The Making Of A Mushroom- Let the Shroom-along begin!

I'm so insanely excited about this! Not only is this my first pattern release since joining the Scheepjes Bloggers Group but it's being ran as a "Mini Make Along". so it's going to be fully interactive and whole bucket load of fun!

I've popped some extra info below just to make this Shroom-Along run as magnificently as possible! Below you'll find info about stockist of the yarn, about sharing your makes on social media and of course the pattern (English and Dutch versions. Thanks to Carmen Jorissen for the Dutch translation)
I do hope you enjoy!!!!

Purchasing your yarn for the Shroom-Along:

Within the pattern you will find a complete list of the tools, yarn and hook that are required for the make along. That being said, the pattern is written in a way that is easily adaptable to the size of tin you are using, as well as the yarn you may decide to use.

The great thing about Scheepjes is the shades of yarn run across the yarn ranges. I used Scheepjes Cahlista for my shroom, but you could definitely make the pattern in another weight of yarn using the same colours (Catona maybe?). You could even mix the colours up a little, it's your shroom after all!

Just for a little help though, I've popped a list of stores below, inking directly to the page with the colours of Cahlista that I used. You will also notice that some stores are doing a colour pack, so you can purchase all of the necessary colours in one easy click.

Alternatively, you can also find a list of Scheepjes stockists here.

(Just for your info....clicking and purchasing via the affiliate links below, won't cost you any extra, but will help me to generate a few pennies to put towards my future pattern creating)

Getting Your Yarn at Deramores:

Getting Your Yarn at Wool warehouse:

Getting Your Yarn at Caros Atelier:

Getting Your Yarn at Knotty House:

Getting Your Yarn at Black Sheep Wools:

Joining the fun on facebook:

The official Scheepjes facebook groups are hugely active and there will be a fair few hookers working on the Shroom-along over the next weeks. Why not pop by to the Scheepjes facebook groups and share your pictures, ask your questions and be inspired by everybody's projects?

It's the perfect place to get connected and feel the support of other crafters. Scheepjes have two official groups:

You can also come join me on my official Boy and Bunting facebook page or even sign up to the Boy and Bunting crochet group, where you can share your progress on your Toadstool Tin Caddy, as well as any other hooky project.

Sharing Your progress on Instagram:

If you fancy sharing your progress over on Instagram either on your main account or in your live stream, simply hashtag the following:

#ShroomAlong #SCHEEPJES #boyandbunting

Using these hashtags means that Scheepjes and I will be able to find you easily so that we can pop by and take a look and your marvellous mushroom masterpieces!

Toadstool Tin Caddy Pattern

I've taken a little moment to ensure that the pattern is easily adjustable to the materials that you have on offer. If you do have any problems come visit us on facebook and either myself or the lovely Scheepjes facebook moderators will be able to point you in the right direction.

The pattern is available as a free PDF download in Both English and Dutch:

Well I think that's about it for now! Don't forget to come pop by Instagram or the Facebook groups to say "hello" and talk through your Shroom-along progress!

I hope you enjoy the pattern.....I'm so excited to see what you all come up with!!

(This post contains affiliate links. You can learn more about affiliate links on my blog by reading this post.)