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In Bed with a Boy & Bunting Episode 1

Hello Lovelies!
Look at me getting back into my blog...the camera came out today and I thought I'd sit behind it and have a little chit chat with you guys. My first "In Bed With A Boy And Bunting" in a really long time....that's why I'm calling this episode 1...it's a start over for the vlog series.

So why not go grab yourself a massive mug of tea (or a bucket of wine, if that suits you better) and something nice to nibble. Then once you're settled, come join me as I natter on for the next 20 minutes or so.

Some Links and Info from the Episode

My current WIP is this gorgeous little fellow:

It's making for some intricate work, but I can already feel that the hard work is going to be well worth it. This is made using some crummy Scheepjes Alpaca Rhythm. It's my first time using this yarn, oh my is it luxurious!

I've  also picked out some yummy colours of Scheepjes Cotton 8, focussing on a sunny Caribbean sort of colour scheme. Pink and orange sunsets, mixed with bold coral shimmering through the bright aqua ocean.

I'm really looking forward to getting started with this idea. I have a very clear picture in my head of the type of wall hanging I'm hoping to create! Let's see if I can make my idea become a reality!

My next share from todays video was this cute toadstool tin cover. I made this a little while ago with the hope of someday making a tutorial. Hopefully, once I finish with Tarzan I'll find the time (or maybe that's wishful thinking).

I use the tin an awful lot.  It hides my crochet hooks, stores my stitch markers and keeps my pins orderly on top. It's a great addition to my crafting space!

Finally the books I am currently browsing.
The Wisdom Of Sundays is really a perfect coffee table book. One that can be lying around and looked upon when insight and inspiration are needed! I like that!
The other two books are similar and part of a whole series of "O's little book of....", I really enjoy them and am hoping that over time I will collect the whole series.

I do hope you enjoyed having a chit chat with me? Like I mentioned I hope to be back regularly with this series, next time I'll be staying at my parents, so you'll have me in a totally different bedroom!
Until then..

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Project status, life status

Hello everybody!
How is your week going?
I'm finally writing a regular blog post...no review or unboxing...just me coming to have a natter with the lot of you. I haven't done this in a while, just sat down, shared some photos and blogged about my life, my journey. It feels nice to do so.

I haven't really got a theme for this post, like I said , I just felt like coming for a chat and thought I'd share some photos and ramble on a bit....hope that's fine with you all?!

So the past weeks have been the usual state of busy, I've been working a lot, working on some magazine and pattern commissions in my free time and trying to organise my life.
In 3 short weeks I'm done with Tarzan. It's a really strange moment for me, getting ready to leave the show that has been such a massive part of my life. I'm leaving just 2 months short of my 10th anniversary...Crazy!
I never planned on being with the show for so long, it just sort of happened. I've had such a blast, but it's time for me to go.
Without wishing my time away, I'm desperate for the big day to arrive. For my "life after Tarzan" to start, because the anticipation of it is making feel excited, but a little on the anxious side.

I've made a few plans and have been jotting them down in my diary. However, the initial weeks after finishing the show, I'm taking some time out.
I've decided to take some me time and am spending the best part of May in various Spanish towns. Having some time to be by myself, decide what I want to do, whilst lapping up some sunshine and energy from the ocean.....sounds like a good place to start the rest of my life.

I'm going to spend my new found free time meeting new people and exploring new places.
As well as all the exploration I want to spend some serious time blogging. Creating some new patterns, tasing photographs and taking some time to indulge in my creativity.
I have ideas literally overflowing from my head, but just haven't had the time to invest in them. I'm hoping my free time will mean I can explore some of these ideas and so my hooks, yarn, laptop and camera are coming with me on my Spanish trip.

I've started planning some new projects, picking out colours and choosing the yarn that I intend to use. The colours below are for a little idea I have for a wall hanger. In my mind it's going to be beautiful, with corals, yellows, pinks and teal. I can't wait to experiment and see where this project will end up.

I'm not just planning future projects though, I have a couple of things on my hook at the moment.
The first being a toadstool themed cushion, which I work a little each night after work. I'm working slowly to make sure that all of the details are correct.
I'm hoping to have it finished within the next weeks, so that I can share the pattern with you all. There is something about toadstools that I find so magical, not sure why? But I do think they're rather cute.

Another project that I'm working on and really enjoying is a little something made using some gorgeous lacy alpaca.
As you can see this... it's something rather colourful and cheery. I just love the colour of the yarn, each shade compliments the next so very well. I'm starting off with some granny squares and seeing where this project takes me.

below you can see the start of the granny squares, along with a few props I placed in for the picture...

  • Oprah Winfreys new book, The Wisdom of Sundays, sits on my coffee table. I read a page every now and then, its very inspiring and uplifting.
  • My New "Boy and Bunting" tags that I have had made for some of my finished projects.
  • A tassel that I bought last year in Tokyo
  • My incense burner, which I pop on every night to unwind.
  • Gorgeous tape measure, which I had as a gift for Christmas.
  • ....and an "M", for me, Matt.

....and a little further on with the project....it's going to be a nice one, can't wait to share it with you all!

Finally (you probably spotted them above) Tulips!!!
Oh how I love these flowers! As soon as Tulips appear in the shops, I know that Spring is here! That makes me so very happy.
They really are my favourite. So nice to have little pops of colour around the apartment that develop and grow each day. Then rather suddenly they start to go all crazy and droopy, hanging over the edge of the flower vase...A real fun process.

So that's it from me for now...My project status and my life status :-)
I do hope you are all doing well? What about you...What are you working on, project wise and life wise? I'd love to know, not just to be nosey, but to be inspired!
Have a sunny day lovelies!

Unboxing: Scheepjes SW / RW Colour Pack

Hello Lovelies, how's it going?
As you can probably see (from my lack of posts) I've been a tad busy at work and so have struggled to find some blogging time. I'm on the run down at work, less that a month and I'm finished with the show! It really is bitter sweet....I'm so ready to leave, but I'm sure going to miss the show and the people!
Enough about me.....How are you all doing? Having a colourful week I hope?

The last time I did a review post, I had a huge amount of fun! I was reviewing the Scheepjes Studio pack (you can visit the post here) I got such a lovely response from all of you, that I'm back with my second unboxing video!

This time I'm taking a look at the Scheepjes Stone Washed / River Washed Colour packs. A collection of some truly scrumptious treats!

Check out the video below as I have a little brows at these colourful (and fashionable) collections of scrummy yarn!

Stone Washed / River Washed Colour Pack Specifics:

  1. 36 cutie pie balls (10g) of Scheepjes Stone Washed (Sport weight)
  2. 14 cutie pie balls (10g) of Scheepjes Riverwashed Washed (Sport weight)
  3. Yarn is 78% cotton, 22% Acrylic
  4. Scheepjes window box packaging with handle
  5. Retail price of £31.50 (approx €36.50)

Stone Washed XL/ River Washed XL Colour Pack Specifics:

  1. 36 cutie pie balls (15g) of Scheepjes Stone Washed (Aran weight)
  2. 14 cutie pie balls (15g) of Scheepjes Riverwashed Washed (Aran weight)
  3. Yarn is 78% cotton, 22% Acrylic
  4. Scheepjes window box packaging with handle
  5. Retail price of £36.00 (approx €42.50)

I'm still having a little think about what I'm going to make with this cute little balls of yarn. I want it to be some thing really special, so I'm holding myself back as to not rush into anything that I haven't thought out properly.

For now though....I'll just leave you with a few pictures of the yarn.
If that isn't yarn porn, I don't know what is!!!!

How do I get my hands on a Scheepjes Stone washed / River Washed Colour Pack?

The Scheepjes Stone Washed / River Washed Packs retail at a bargain price of:

  • €36.50 for the Stone Washed / River Washed 50 x 10g Colour Pack (£31.50) 
  • €42.50 ffor the Stone Washed / River Washed 50 x 15g Colour Pack(£36.00)

For stockist of Scheepjes products you can follow the link here to take you to the Scheepjes store locator

Or if you fancy you can purchase or have a browse of the Colour Packs:  

Other Products From The Video:

Once again I had an absolute blast! I'm getting a bit of a thing for working the camera a little too hard during these unboxing videos!!

As usual...I  hope you found this video useful?
As mentioned in the video, these videos are going to become a regular feature here on the blog. A way in which we can take a look together at some of the cool crafting products available on the market.

Also my next book revue will be coming shortly!

 Happy weekend hookers!

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